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May 15, 2010

Fundraising & Gift Panel

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If you are interested in gifting money for any reason use the DONATE button and put GIFT in the memo, can’t get easier than that!

If you want to do a DIRECTED donation the following programs are available. All donations under the GENERAL program above will be directed as necessary. DIRECTED donations are used ONLY for the item in which they are designated for unless a fail-over item is specified.

Air Conditioner & Heating Fund

Head Array Insurance Fund

Making Home Accessible Fund

Steglinski Recovery Fund (URGENT)

(All Donations are NOT 501(c)3 Deductible)

If you want to send a card or ship a physical gift or donation send it to Alin Steglinski PO BOX 2634 PALATINE IL 60078 if you want a return card make sure to indicate that. Packages and monetary donations are accepted, donations should be written as a check payable to me or another monetary instrument but NOT CASH. You might want to send a Contact Me so I know to go to the post office.

If you want to let me know what it is hit Contact Me then hit Shipment Clearance and hit Acquire clearance. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS ANYMORE, IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. YOU SIMPLY CAN JUST GO AHEAD AND MAIL! ITEMS OF HIGH VALUE OR BEING SENT UPS MUST BE CLEARED AND DIRECT SEND.

For shipment clearance for UPS or High Value simply go to contact me hit shipment clearance and hit acquire clearance!

Type in your Full Name and Full Address and the nature of the item you are shipping (clothing / electronics / gift cards / documents / etc.) It is even more preferable if you tell us WHAT you are shipping, even if it is meant to be a “surprise” but you can just do the category if its a present!

In under 48 hours you will either receive my address and your Shipment Clearance, OR you will be given a reason why your Shipment Clearance request was declined. You will have the ability to appeal the decision!

Visitor Clearance follows the same format, the only difference is you click on Visitor Clearance. You tell us what the nature of the visit is, what day(s) it will be, and the duration of the visit(s) and any other pertinent info.

These are security measures, most requests WILL be accepted!

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