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April 1, 2013

FedEx announces merger with UPS

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FedEx announces merger with UPS
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MEMPHIS, Tenn., LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) – FedEx Corp. (FDX) today announced along with United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) that they will immediately on April 3rd 2013 begin operating as a single company with a new name and logo. This has been part of an ongoing effort to streamline delivery in the United States and abroad, with so many delivery companies and different rates customers have a hard time choosing a company. With FedEx and UPS both offering similar services on very similar rate structures strategic alliance analysis by Merril Lynch and Morgan Stanley proved that a merger would create a positive impact in the industry. It was decided by Frederick W. Smith of FedEx and D. Scott Davis of UPS that a merger shall take place. The merger won in a joint landslide margin of 76% for and 24% against.

The new CEO was an open outcry vote and no one was currently eligible to chair the new company therefore write in ballots were cast. Alin S won the FedEx vote by a margin of 892 votes on 317 Million shares and he had a large win with UPS having many shareholders of UPS on his side with a 25,421 votes on 953.45 Million shares. Alin S will begin his new job immediately on the third. As part of the deal between him and the companies he has immediately received payment of $100,000 for housing and miscellaneous expenses associated with setting up a home based office to manage the company. Alin S was chosen for his immense knowledge of electronics and technology and his passion to learn new things, his frequent forays into shipping were a helpful factor in voters decisions.

Alin worked very closely with the former CEO of FedEx Frederick W. Smith and former CEO of UPS D. Scott Davis to make sure that the companies make a smooth transition into a single company. It was also announced by the marketing director of FedEx Laurie A. Tucker  and  Alan Gershenhorn of UPS agreed upon the proposed name by Alin S of FedUp Inc, although this name may indicate the compound word of being “Fed Up” it has nothing to do with it. It has to do with close unification of the companies without dissolving them. The companies will no longer maintain separate tracking systems, tracking numbers will be unified. Delivery vehicles will also be unified to the more efficient and iconic box truck style of UPS but will be rebranded. The new FedUp logo is below

FedUp Logo

Quoted from Mrs. Tucker of FedEx and Mr. Gershenhorn of UPS “The new logo represents the ultimate in synchrony and is simple to remember. We think that although the name says Fed Up in a way that may make people think lowly of our services we continue to make great strides in making packages appear at doors faster.”

We do not have a new FedUp vehicle available for photos however the Vehicles will be half white and half brown with a gradient separating the two halves in a, “Aesthetically pleasing way.”

Alin S made breaking news that will rival USPS and completely shatter delivery industry standards making FedUp the only company in the world to offer seven days a week package delivery, with saturday and sunday delivery at no extra charge above the standard rate tier chosen!

The rate tiers have also been restructured to be simpler and regular consumers can now use FedUp Custom Critical.

Quoted from the FedUp website

FedUp Custom Critical (CC) – Bring it to one of our friendly staffed locations and we will get it on the next flight out and have it delivered in less than 6 hours for domestic deliveries, it will never leave the hands of the FedEx courier assigned to it. Thermal and GPS tracking will be available. Organ transplants have been handled by our team, we have ambulances available for urgent medical shipments with government clearance. Armored cars for carriage of large amounts of currency and or bullion to or from an air shipment. FedUp Custom Critical is here to help!

FedUp Same Day Air (SDA) – Cut off for FedUp SDA will be 12 noon in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 7 PM that evening, FedUp SDA is only available in the United States at this time and is priced economically with an approximate $10 Dollar difference from Next Day Air First

FedUp Next Day Air First (NDAF) – Cut off for FedUp NDAF will be 4 PM in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 9 AM the following morning, anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii

FedUp Next Day Air Standard (NDAS) Cut off for FedUp NDAF will be 4 PM in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 5PM to businesses the following day and 7 PM to residences, anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii

FedUp Next Day Air Standard International (NDASI) Cut off for FedUp NDASI will be 4 PM in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 5PM to businesses the following day and 7 PM to residences, anywhere in North or South America

FedUp Second Day Express (2DX) Cut off for FedUp 2DX is 6 PM in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 5PM to businesses the second day and 7 PM to residences, anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. By leveraging our powerful ground transport system with our fast air transit network we get your package where you need it fast and economically!

FedUp Second Day Express International (2DXI) Cut off for FedUp 2DXI will be 4 PM in the origin timezone for the package to be delivered by 5PM to businesses the second day and 7 PM to residences, anywhere on earth, where FedUp service is available, FedUp does not deliver to Atlantis or other places where SCUBA diving or specialized procedures would be necessary, if this type of delivery is required then Custom Critical must be used.

FedUp Three Day Express (TDX) With FedUp TDX you get to Xperience the speed of the FedUp High Speed Rail network combined with our efficient trucks to get your package where you need it fast without breaking the bank! Within Three Days.

FedUp Ground Express (GX1-2) FedUp Ground Express is our standard tier of service. Transit times coast to coast are 3-4 days depending on your GX class. GX First Class is Guaranteed in 3 days GX Second Class is Guaranteed in 4 days.

FedUp Freight (FR) Is offered in the same tiers of service! No more paying $700+ dollars to wait 6-8 days for your Less Than Truckload freight! Full Truck Load is welcome too! FedUp Freight follows the same service tiers as above!

FedUp Medical / Charitable Freight (MCFR) Is our specialty service for carriage of items like hospital beds, wheelchairs, dialysis machines and anything that is medical or being shipped to or from a non-profit organization. FedUp Medical / Charitable Frieght has an upper cap of $400 to the continental united states, regardless of you needing blanket wrap service or lift gate at both ends. FedUp is proud to offer this service. We can even ship unusual freight and have shipped very unusual freight in the past, such as live dolphins or sharks! If it can move, it can ship! FedUp MCFR is provided at this low-cost but is provided at second day express or three-day express service tier depending on the shipment.

FedUp Crawler Home Mover (CRM) A groundbreaking innovation that has been televised for years, FedUp is the only carrier able to offer this incredible service. We can professionally raise your house onto our crawler vehicle(s) and move it across the street or across the nation! With cooperation from federal government we are able to have power and telephone lines temporarily removed to allow our crawlers to reach just about any place in the United States! We extensively tested this service with homeowners of historical homes and regular homes too. One of our most famous moves was CEO Alin S himself testing it in a home with another disabled friend who was completely homebound, Alin S quoted the trip as being “Like a giant RV, but you don’t feel the motion, to the point you forget your moving! I even copped a squat on the toilet and then noticed there was no water in the bowl! I then opened the front door to cars flying by!” We unlike other home mover companies will allow you to stay in your home while it is being moved, and you don’t need to do anything! When we move your house the only thing that will have changed is its address and place on the map! We only ask that you not attempt to use the plumbing fixtures or open the doors during the move! We plan to by Q2 2014 have systems to allow electricity and plumbing to be connected while moving so that you may stay in your house even during a cross-country move and use plumbing and electricity as you normally would. Moves can take anywhere from a few hours to go across the street to a few weeks to go across the nation. Currently we will only allow home occupants to stay in their home for local moves under 6 hours.

Click the FedUp logo to check out the new FedUp website Beta while I enjoy my heaps of cash!

Or you can click here

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