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June 20, 2012

Up all last night and Who is LEX2 REVLOGS and up all night AGAIN. sleep, never heard of it.

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Me with my newly refurbished fan.

Me with my newly refurbished fan.

Monday night going into Tuesday I was up all night working on the above fan. I took it apart down to it’s core components and cleaned each one because dad didn’t want to throw it away. I decided that I would be doing a Repossession of the fan as it was originally mine. I even typed up a Repossession notice to my dad and mom for yuks and grins! Haha. Anyway it is definitely helpful with the summer heat! It is supposed to run in the 90’s this whole freaking week!


I referenced to Who’s Johnny from Johnny five because what I am about to reveal is some pretty juicy information about Amazon’s internals that I found out in the middle of the night. I called Amazon because I returned a product to them, and I am always astute with tracking my packages and noticed something funky about this one. Take a look at it for yourself.



Well you see my question presented above, and that is exactly what I presented to the agent at Amazon. I said to them “Who or What, is LEX2 REVLOGS that keeps signing for my packages!” The representative at first acted stupid, and then I told them specifically the tracking number and they spilled the whole can of coffee beans. LEX2 is a specialized robot that lives at the Amazon Lexington KY-DC (Distribution Center) The name LEX2 REVLOGS means Lexington 2 Receiving Logging System. LEX2 is a specialized robot that UPS accepts an, Electronic Signature Token from thus generating these, “Signed for by: LEX2 REVLOGS” Notices in your E-Mail’s and tracking. Don’t worry though, your packages have a 3D 360 Photograph taken of them to ensure they are in acceptable condition before LEX2 will accept the package, packages that are damaged are funneled to actual dock personnel who either manually sign for the shipment or refuse it as damaged and initiate a damage claim. Talk about one cool robot! I think we are getting closer and closer to Johnny 5 being a reality!

Insomnia is getting to my eyes... Damn it.

Insomnia is getting to my eyes… Damn it.

OK, I am really hoping I can get some good sleep tonight. I really need good sleep tomorrow night going into Friday cause I need to go out on Friday and Friday into Saturday I damn well better sleep cause I have bowling!!! Then again worst comes to worst I can always go in half-awake. But, bowling half-awake never works out in my favor. I need some anesthetic or something. Anyone got some sevoflurane I can use. Some Isoflurane, Desflurane, or even old school Halothane Any Volatile Anesthetic will do. Oh and I need an anesthetic vaporizer. I don’t know what this sleep thing you all speak of is. I’ve only heard of anesthetization.

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  1. Ahem. Phoenix area 10-day forecast: 😛

    Hope you get some sleep soon, buddy.



    Comment by CelticRose — June 20, 2012 @ 1:42 PM

  2. dammmm CR

    urghh… im really getting sick of this lack of sleep..

    hugs back

    Comment by Alin S — June 21, 2012 @ 1:27 AM

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